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Why an Agent will help when ordering a house to be built

It looks and feels so very simple, buyers visit the Model home and they love it! It's just perfect, floor plan, size, prize and all. Buyers sign the Builder's contract (twenty something pages) the sale person will point out and highlight the terms and conditions of the Builder's performance:

  • Time to complete the house
  • Confirm the selling price
  • Confirm any upgrading buyers will like to add

And there the buyers go so very happy and that's all good!

Along the way there the buyers will most probably, encounter several issues, delays, mistakes and misunderstandings. Who will help the buyers solve those issue to their favor? Some times it works out, many times it doesn't, 

The sale person it is no longer in charge of your house construction, Many excuses will be provided leaving the buyers with no solutions but to wait and trust. 

How can an agent at your side will help you avoid and provide solutions to the buyers when issues arise? Usually the builders will have more considerations towards the buyers because they have Representation by a Realtor.

A Realtor will help understanding, first of all, the contract that the builder is presenting for the approval, to review it's terms.

Will help by giving assistance with the upgrades to be order, specially if the buyers are in a budget.

Will check with the builder and the Supervisor on the details of the constructions, time frame and any possible delays.

Most builders love if buyers are represented by a Realtor, because the process will be share and together will find the best way to please the buyers.

Many buyers, are under the impression that if there is no Realtor involved, they can get the builder to lower the selling price of the house, which is never true. On the contrary a Realtor as a Buyer's Agent can negotiate according to it's experience on the market.

Plus, the byers will have an advocate on their side that can help and doesn't cost anything. 

It is one of the most important investment that will be made and it deserves a real attention and avoid the famous "Buyer's Remorse".