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Buyers Questions

How long it takes to find a house?

Typically it shouldn't take more than 1 to 3 months depending on your preferences, locations, amenities and price. 

Thinking on contacting a builder to order a new home to be built?  Building new house

Consider that the sale representative works for the Builder. Having said that it is highly recommended to have your own agent representing you when ordering your home to be built. Gabriella has helped  many buyers ordering their homes to be built. She asks all the questions to clarify all the details involved in a new construction. She has been at her clients side all the way giving her opinion to increase the value when one decide to sell it down the road. Analyzing builder's offers that could be better for her clients. Knowledge and experience with builders is one of the values that Gabby brings to the table. So exciting to share all the expectations during the construction process!

   Building new house

How do I know if my offer price is below or over the market value?

Gabby's experience in real estate makes her knowledge of a market value is one of her strength. She likes to provide a buyer her detailed market analysis of the area before sending your offer and evaluate with her client how to structure an offer it's terms and conditions. Gabriella always looks and cares about the buyers she represents in the purchasing process.

Can the asking price be negotiated?

Of course. Everything in real estate can be negotiated and an experienced agent will help with all those items to benefit your preferences in price, closing date and terms of your offer.

How do I know the house is in good shape?

As any buyer you have the right to higher a licensed inspector to check the house conditions. 

Which items in a house for sale are included in the sale?

In real estate all the items physically attached to the house are considered real estate property. Generally speaking, light fixtures, ceiling fans, curtains rods, TV wall mounting system. 

What about the appliances?

Refrigerator, freezers, washer and dryers are not included in the sale, but could be negotiated for the buyer to keep.

 Are the closing costs included in my down payment?

No, those costs will be added to your down payment. As a buyer you will have to bring that amount on the closing day, following your lender instructions.

Are my closing costs paid by the sellers?

Generally speaking the sellers and the buyers have different costs and each party will be responsible for. Gabriella with her experience can and will negotiate a seller contribution to a buyer's closing cost amount.

It will be better to contact the listing agent to present my offer to the seller?

Not really beneficial to you as a buyer. Consider that the listing agent primary duty is to the seller that contract him/her to sell their property. So that will be a conflict of interest. You should have an agent working for you only and represent your interests only in the transaction to purchase a property.

Who pays for the real estate commission?

It is customary that the sellers will pay for the commission due to your agent (Buyer's Agent).

So, now what? Other questions?

Gabriella can answer all kind of questions related to real estate, contact her today!

Steps from contract to closing 

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