Gabriella Marzorati
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Updating your property to sell

For how much your property most likely would sell for in this market?

How to increase the value of your home by investing on updating some areas? 

Would you be interested in finding how much should you spend to have a higher return?

Gabriella will be able to give you her valued experience in the real estate market as she works with buyers old and younger. She offers her knowledge and will save your money and time.

 Fresh paint, organize, relocate furniture, might just be all you will need to do? Ask Gabriella.

A nicely landscaped front is a welcome sign to buyers and it will complete the interior update.

  Landscaped front yard welcomes buyers 





ting by updating your property would bring up the value? 

Understanding the Buyers

Do you know what type of buyers will likely attract your house? 

First time younger buyers have higher expectations and specific preferences when selecting a house to purchase. What type of buyer's loan would be beneficial to a seller to make sure the buyers are really ready and willing to close the transaction? 

Negotiating and obtaining the best deal for the sellers, involves not only the purchase price, but also the offer's conditions and terms. Looking for a quick close or a later closing and securing the seller's proceeds is one of the best sources of negotiation that Gabriella offers to her sellers clients.


The Closing Process

The most common question is: "How long it will take to sale and close to my house"?

Gabriella has a record to have a property Under Contract in a matter of 2-10 days. She will take over the whole transaction for the sellers peace of mind, working behind the scene with lenders, inspectors, title company, appraiser, and of course, she always report to the her clients and is able to anticipate a possible issue before it happens. 

Usually it will take about 30 days from the day the offer is accepted to the "Happy Day" of closing! 

No wonder how many of her clients keep working again and again with her.